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If you are looking for a date that you can spend time and have fun with or someone that’s ready to tie the knot and settle down, you will be glad to know that there are plenty of online dating apps and sites out there today that can help make your search easier. All you have to do is find the right app or sites, sign up with it, and start searching!

At Best Dating Sites UK, we are all about love. We are here to help you find that person that’s meant for you – whether that is helping you find your soulmate or someone who shares the same ideas and views as you when it comes to love.

With almost half of all single people, today using online dating apps and sites to find love (or lust *wince* Tinder), it is no longer cringe-worthy or embarrassing to admit that you are searching for a life partner online. Interestingly, many people don’t know that about 1 out of 10 married couples today met on Tinder!

Online dating in the modern and digitally-advanced world is as normal as ordering groceries over the internet. With over 1,400 dating apps and sites floating around the web, it’s never been this easy to find one that perfectly suits your needs and wants. Whether you are looking for someone who loves rock music, a farmer, a Christian, a degree-educated individual, a bi, or something entirely different, there is an app or site for that.

If you are thinking of joining an online dating app or site but aren’t sure which one to sign up with, you’ve come to the right place. After months of investigating different dating apps and websites, we have come up with a list of what we believe are the top 10 best online dating apps and sites in 2020 so you don’t have to!

To see our top picks and tips on how to stay safe while having a great time on your first ever online date, continue reading. This is where your happily-ever-after begins.

Best Online Dating Apps and Sites in 2020

Cost: Free
Best For: Casual Dating

There is a reason why Tinder is considered the OG of dating apps. While the app has a bit of a bad reputation for no-strings-attached flings and casual sex, there is no disputing its dominance in the online dating scene, considering that it gets over two billion views a day. With so many people using the app to find potential partners, there is no disputing the fact that you just might find your true love by swiping right.

Tinder relies heavily on photos and requires users to swipe left or right to reject or pick dates. You get to scroll through other people’s photos, “super-like” those that match your interests and start conversations with people who’ve liked you back. The great thing about this app is that it picks your location, and that of other users, to make it easier for you to track down people you match with wherever you are in the world.

The app’s Achilles heel is that it, unlike other dating apps, does not allow users to include detailed information about themselves. As a result, it can be hard to judge whether a person is a perfect match for you – with Tinder, you are going off on appearances only. The only information you can add on the app is your name, education, company, job, location, and links to your Instagram and Spotify accounts. However, considering that Tinder is responsible for over one million dates a week, there must be something the app is doing right.


Cost: £12.95/month
Best for: People Looking for Someone to Settle Down With

If you are tired of going on dates with people who do not have anything in common with you, then what you need is something that will help you match up with someone with similar goals and visions in life. That is where eHarmony comes into the picture.

The online dating website, which has been around for over ten years now, uses its patented eHarmony Compatibility Matching System to connect like-minded singles. The System, which took 35 years to create, is an in-depth relationship questionnaire that the eHarmony team uses to match people with users they are compatible with – a sign that this online dating site is serious when it comes to things related to love.

It’s worth noting that eHarmony has over sixty million members from all around the world, and about five million of these people live in Britain. As such, if you are looking for someone serious about settling down and building a family, eHarmony is the perfect solution for you. According to the eHarmony team, one user finds the love of their life every 14-minutes using the site. With such stats, don’t you think it is worth a shot?

On signing up, you will be required to fill out their patented questionnaire, which helps pair singles using eighteen dimensions of compatibility (even though it sounds complicated, it is for your good.) After filling the questionnaire, all that’s left to do is wait for potential matches to start dropping in your inbox. From there, it is up to you to scroll through your options and plan dates. The great thing about eHarmony is that it also offers a guided communication tool for those who struggle with what to say.


Cost: £16+/month
Best for: Extremely Busy People

Are you a young, busy professional with little time to spare? If so, consider joining LoveStruck. This dating app is perfect for working professionals looking for love within their city.

LoveStruck lets you target potential dates within a specific location of your city and covers various major cities around the world. This app is also a great way to find potential partners if you are working abroad.

The team behind the site prides itself on offering a meaningful dating experience. LoveStruck makes it easier for people like you to meet single people looking to enter into a serious relationship. Something we love about this app is that it also allows you to add fun/interesting date ideas to your profile, so it becomes easier for you to match with people who find your ideas great.

To spice things up even further, LoveStruck hosts regular events that allow suitors to meet up with other people in a fun and relaxed environment. We dare you to take that BFF that will not stop banging on about their wedding planning.

Plenty of Fish

Cost: Free with Extra (Paid-For) Features
Best For: Picky Daters

Plenty of Fish has well over 150 million registered users from all over the world. The team behind the app claims that it is responsible for creating more conversations and relationships than any other free online dating app.

Despite such hefty claims, we have to confess that their website isn’t the prettiest. In all honesty, it looks like one of those websites that try to sell you into buying some type of computer software rather than helping you find true love. But don’t let that fool you! Judging by the number of success stories posted by people who’ve met their significant other on the app, you can tell that they are doing something right.

On signing up, you will be requested to take a chemistry test which the Plenty of Fish team will use to match you with people that have traits and personalities similar to yours. Dating someone with similar views and qualities, it becomes easier to form a well-established, long-lasting relationship. The interesting thing about this app is that it can even help you discover your relationship needs. If you allow it, the team can help you determine the kind of relationship that suits you and how to build and nurture a successful relationship.

Cost: £12.99/month
Best For: Panicky Newbies is one of the most renowned online dating websites in the world, and that’s probably because of how it works. With Match, all you need to do is to create a profile, check out people who match your interests, start conversations with them, and, if all goes well, arrange to go on a date. This traditional approach to things is pretty much fail-safe and is great for people who are fresh out of another relationship and are looking to get back on the dating scene.

Since the site is quite well-known, it attracts a very wide demographic of users. As a result, your chances of finding an individual that you click with are quite high. The good thing about is that it allows you to filter matches using its advanced matching feature. The feature enables you to put yourself into what’s known as the ‘zen mode’ When in the zen mode, you can only be contacted by people who meet your criteria.

At the same time, hosts various events for single people in different cities. This is a great place to start if you are feeling anxious about getting back on the dating scene.

While becoming a member is free, you have to pay a £12.99/monthly fee to send and receive messages. This is a small price to pay if you are in the pursuit of finding someone who will bring true happiness into your life.

Muddy Matches

Cost: £94 for One-Year of Access
Best for: Socially-Awkward People from the Countryside

Like we mentioned earlier, there is something for everyone. This dating website is dedicated to matching up lovers of or from the countryside – from city dwellers that have a thing for guys in tweed jackets to farmers. Finding a person that shares a similar lifestyle and interests is crucial to cultivating long lasting happiness in any relationship, which is why we are all ears when it comes to Muddy Patches.

Muddy Matches allows you to check your account from whichever field you might be interested in through their fabulous and easy-to-use app. At the same time, if you are interested, you can take their quiz to see how ‘muddy’ you are – a kind of weird yet entertaining touch.

While membership is free, you can only message or be messaged by potential suitors if you pay the site’s £94 annual fee.


Cost: Free with Extra (Paid-For) Features
Best for Millennials

Hinge is the latest entrant in the dating apps scene, and 20-something-year-old daters are enthusiastic about it. One of the things we like about this brand is its catchphrase, which says, “Meet people who want to get off dating apps too!”

In our view, Hinge outdoes Tinder in one major area, and that is the amount of personal information you can put on your Hinge profile. Furthermore, it is way more fun than most apps because instead of just uploading a few photos and adding a one-lined bio, you are required to answer different questions like “who was your crush as a child?” This allows the people you match with to like some of the answers you give, making it easier to start a conversation.

Hinge also allows you to add a link to your Instagram and to display as much information about yourself as you can in one smooth, scrollable profile page. Something worth noting, however, is that you can only send ten likes a day, which means that the matches created are all meaningful.

While Hinge has a lot to offer, one feature worth mentioning is its “Date Ideas” page. Each month, Hinge staff members go on dates, give their experience a rating, and share some of their dating ideas. The great thing about this page is that it’s updated with ideas regularly with options ranging from afternoons spent in art cafes to zoo visits.

Hinge is a free-to-download dating app that offers unlimited access to swiping, sending messages, and profiles. However, if you want your search to be more specific and would like your results filtered out, even more, all you need to do is upgrade your membership from free to “Preferred Member.”


Cost: Free with Extra (Paid-For) Features
Best For: People with a Very Specific Checklist

Once you’ve signed up with OkCupid, you’ll be prompted to choose the type of relationship you are looking for – are you looking to be in a short-term relationship or a hook-up or something serious that ends up in marriage? At the same time, OkCupid allows you to choose from 22 genders (in 2014, OkCupid was the first online dating app to introduce 13 sexual orientation options and 22 genders), including agenders and non-binaries. And we applaud them for this.

Once you’ve selected your preferred orientations and genders, the next thing you are asked to do is to answer a series of fifteen questions that cover everything from religion to politics. Fortunately, you aren’t required to answer these questions. Whether you answer them or not, you still get the chance to see how a potential suitor responded to them.

It is such groundwork that helps ensure that the people OkCupid suggests for you are worthwhile. Furthermore, you get the opportunity to inject some personality into your profile by answering some basic questions such as “do you drink coffee every day?” Rather than being spammed with random messages, OkCupid allows you to only get in touch with people you’ve matched.


Cost: Free
Best for: Empowering Women

Bumble made a name for itself by addressing one major issue that plagues a majority of dating apps – gender imbalance. If you are tired of always having men start up conversations, then this is the app for you. With Bumble, you are the one who initiates the conversation. However, it’s worth noting that time is of the essence on this app since you only have 24-hours to start a conversation with your match, or else the suggestion disappears forever.

While your profile isn’t as detailed as on other apps, you get the ability to make video calls, a feature that makes it easier for you to learn a bit about your match before you even meet.

While Bumble is free, you can still upgrade your membership to Bumble Boost. This option allows you to see which users have ‘liked’ you and costs £2.49 for the day or £11.16/month for six months.


Cost: Free
Best For: Lesbian, Queer, and Bisexual Women

Yay! Finally, an online dating app that’s exclusively for lesbian, queer, and bisexual women. With over four million users from around the world, HER is making waves in the love world for its simplicity and ease of use.

The great thing about this app is that it has moderators working round the clock, seven days a week, to make sure the platform is safe and secure. It also allows you to provide as much personal information as you want and to upload up to four photographs. Furthermore, you will be able to see who has liked your profile, their sexual orientation, and how far they are.

Apart from their clean and sleek app, HER also hosts several events in different areas/cities every year, making it easier for you to meet like-minded gay women.